I did some dying today...and I liked it! uh-oh. I have almost gone thru all the pink ribbon that I got from Pat Winter, and, well, you can just never have enough green. I am very happy with the variegation in the colour, but I think I am going to have to buy some more colours, at least a red and a different green. Uh-oh!

Here is the green. I use oze-craft dyes. This is the olive green and the persian gold. My dye pots are lids off 'pump' bottles.
Here it is after heat setting, and , below, after a wee iron. I would like the green to be stronger. I may try an overdye with the green again, and see what happens. I like the colour it is when wet. I painted this on to dry ribbon. I have also heard that you can get a stronger colour if you heat they dye slightly before using. So, lots of things to try next time.
And this is my Brooke this morning, on her first day of school. NO!! before you ask, I did not cry, I am NOT sad, I am ecstatic. Is that bad?? No, school will be good for her, and me, and us.


katelnorth said...

Of course it's not bad :) She will love school and you will love having a chance to recharge with no kids around and do stuff for yourself, which in turn will make you happier, which in turn will keep you in a good mood to be a better mum when the kids ARE around. Or anyway, that's my theory, and I'm sticking to it. [with two in school and one in nursery half the day, I know just what it's like, especially after 2 weeks easter holiday]

Susan said...

You are a normal mom. =)

I'm wondering if the green wasn't as dark because you used it with the persian gold, and olive already has some yellow in it? So that the yellows overpowered the greens? I don't know, I'm just wondering.