Most of my Tradewinds blocks are home (one more is on it's way). They are just fantastic, and have made me feel a little happy today. The work on these blocks is beautiful. I can't wait for the last one too arrive home, and I am determined that they will be put together into a wallhanging. They ARE not going to linger in a drawer. This is my public declaration to ensure that I follow thru. I want to start work on the last one, but I have other RR obligations to meet first.
Here are all 4 embellished blocks together
this is Cheryls SRE,
Emikos SRE,
Hideko's fan,
and Leslie's face.

Thank you all for your comments and emails. I will feel sad for a while, for other reasons besides Belinda leaving. She will be 4 hours away, so not impossible, but not frequent either. Life goes on....


Melissa said...

OH Jo those are wonderful! I love that you took photos of details! So pretty!

Gerry said...

What beautiful blocks. I'm glad they cheered you up a bit.

Ati. Norway. said...

Jo, they are georgeous!! I love Emiko's tiny white flowers, they look like Lily of the valley to me.

Sue in western WA said...

Hideko's fan and Leslie's face are my personal favorites of the details you shared with us. Love the trailing streamers from the fan, finished with tassels at the ends! Being a bead freak I will probably try to use Leslie's idea somehow myself... Thanks for sharing!

meggie said...

Jo, so sorry your best friend is leaving you. Perhaps there will be someone you havent noticed, waiting in the wings for you! I hope so.
And thankyou for showing us the pics of the lovely blocks. Beautiful work, all of it.