New camera

I am very excited. I just bought a new digital camera. It was a cheapy, but the trustworthy olympus was only 2 megapixels!! I know, DARK AGES stuff. This is a little Pentax, 7 megapixels, and it has supermacro setting for detail shots. They do take a little longer to edit, but so worth it.
I am a happy, happy camper. Now I just need to try and get my new printer up and running...I am less confident about that, since the old cdrom doesn't work ( thanks to those darling kids) I don't know if I can install it.

I am putting together a halloween block for a RR this arvo. I have big plans, something a little different, it might not this space.

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Charlene said...

WOW - great camera shot! NO, I can't have a new camera!!