Our household has been busy with birthdays this last week.
Here is Ben with his 'dragster' cake. It didn't turn out as well as I would of liked, but, hey, the kids don't really care. Ben turned 7.
Brooke wanted an orange, pink and purple barbie cake. Above is the cake I made for her last day at Playcentre. Children don't often stay at Playcentre until they are 5, most parents opt to send them to' teacher led' ECE at age 4, so it is big thing when we get a 5 year old at Playcentre.
Below is the cake I made for her birthday party. The orange and the purple are there. I really like the ready made white icing, it is so versatile, and looks great when done well. I like this cake.

Happy birthdays my lovelies!!


Elizabet said...

My mum made me a princess cake like the barbie one when i was about 7. I'd completly forgotten about it till just now!

alisonmc said...

I had a Barbie princess cake once too!! Except I think my nan might have used an old Skipper instead because the doll looked kind of short and beaten up, not like my doted on Barbies.

Yay for cake! Excellent work, they are all beautiful and totally delicious I'm sure :)

Dy said...

I think all your cakes look great - go you!