'Spirit of Friendship' swap

Over at CQI, we took a poll and one of the most popular choices was to do a "Spirit" doll swap. We (myself and co-moderators) had a little angsting about the "spirit' connotations, and came up with "Spirit of Friendship" doll swap. I am going to make a few of these - although the swap is for one only, I will gift the rest to, well, friends!
This is the first one. She is just on 15cm (6"approx) long, + tassel. This was a lot of fun to make, a didn't take to long at all. The most difficult part was stuffing . Only the front is embellished.


alisonmc said...

Very cool. The beads are a really nice touch.

Barbara said...

what a wonderful blog. I like your creations. I will visit again.
Grates from Germany Barbara

Anonymous said...

Jo, that is so interesting! It reminds me of something I made quite a few years back, a cat. Me thinks I have something fun to blog about this week!

Thank you for taking the time the blog about your work. It's gorgeous as always!



Nancilyn said...

I love it! I'm one who voted for the spirit doll swap because I needed motivation to try one. I said I'd never make dolls, but these are so much fun and wonderfully individual and expressive.

Robert said...

Wow..this is very artistic...good one! u can drop by my blog too to check out some friendly stuffs that I have updated of late...would love to have ur opinions there...have a good day :)