apple Blossoms RR - Bonnie's block

Here are some detail shots of the work I have done on Bonnie's 'Apple Blossoms' block. This is a large 12" block and it will be included in Bonnie's grandaughters wedding quilt. This is a spider web , done in some holographic thread that Lesa sent me. It is really effective for a web. The light catches it, and you only know it's there if you look hard.

Below is is my first leap into hand dying my own motifs. It turned out OK. I would of liked the colours to be a little softer for the block. The motif is there to balance out some darker fabrics on the other side of the block.

A seam treatment here with a closeup of a wee bead cluster. This seam is done with fly stitch in a feather stitch formation.

This next seam is done with some white trim I added, which is beaded for lots of sparkle. The fargo roses have been added with some sre greenery. Bonnie mentioned that she like combination seam treatments and the 'encrusted' look. I'm wondering if this one seam is encrusted enough....? lol Below the trim is a row of - buggered if I can remember what!!- and then some fly stitch, with the flower bead things. I made those flowers into the aforementioned cluster, leading down into the next seam treatment.

And here is Bonnies whole block to date. I am the first person to work on Bonnies block, and I could just carry on, but I need to leave some for the other ladies to enjoy. There is still a couple of finishing thigs to do, like a spider, but otherwise my work here is done.


Candi Harris said...

Jo, your work is inspiring as always! Soooo pretty:)

Susan said...

And beautiful work it is, too. I think the dyed motif is just the perfect balance, and I like the curve it gives to the angular blocks. Your stitching is wonderful as always, and I love the spider web!

Anita said...

*sigh* this is sooo pretty. I adore ribbon embroidery and would like to try it, too.

Your heart will be on it's way to New Zealand soon, I'll pass by the post office tomorrow!


alisonmc said...

That motif is gorgeous. I love the darker colours and I think it actually fits into the colour scheme really well.

You're such a talented girl!

Anonymous said...

Jo, I could stare at your work all day long and never accomplish anything else! Everything you do is so beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to blog your stitching.

Kitty & Me

Gail said...

Jo, just beautiful. You have set the bar high for the rest of us, which is always a good thing. I love every detail.

Maddie Can Fly said...

I love the spider web -- glad you used your thread so quickly. The whole block is wonderful -- you have a real knack for making a beautiful block.

alicem said...

What beautiful work! The flower cluster is just gorgeous. And I had to laugh at the contrast between the exquisitely delicate and pretty sewing and the "I'm buggered if I know what" comment.

Jo in NZ said...

LOL Alicem. I do have a potty mouth, but don't hold that against me...and it is cretan stitch, but then you probably all knew that! I had to go look it up. Complete 'senior' moment, and I am not a senior!!

sharonb said...

I too sprayed coffee over my screen as I laughed at the contrast between the language and the lady like stitching - its a lovely block and I don't care if you use colourful language - I don't think many people do these days