Mega Stash Flash

I ordered some laces and (dyers) ribbon off a lovely lady called Lily. You can find her website 'Fabric Arts' here (or click on the post title). After a couple of emails back and forth I asked Lily if she would like to send me some of her products, laces, motifs and trims etc and I would make up a block for her to put on her site to show how these things can be used in crazy quilting. Well, the pics below are the "few things" that Lily sent. I think there is enough to put together a bed size quilt. The silk ribbons are beautiful , mostly the Hannah brand I think. The trims are quite unique, I love the tassle ones. The motifs are gorgeous and waiting for me to try out my ozecraft dyes, and the venice lace is so lovely.
Lily, I said it in my email, you are a fantastically generous woman. I am going to make you a fantastic block. CQers out there, Lily will do overseas orders, take note of what you would like , then use the 'contact us' button, and she will give you prices in your dollars.


Stacy said...

I'll bet opening that package was better than Christmas for you?? :)

Susan said...

Wow! I'm totally amazed at what you have there, and will see about the organza ribbons - I have a hard time finding them, except in 3 mm, much too small for me!

meggie said...

Jo you are just so gifted in your work! Those 3" blocks are fantastic!
I am sure you will do justice to the beautiful items you recieved.
Have fun with it all!

Oh & I love your header!

Charlene said...

Great SEX (stash enhancement experience - I think that's it). I can hardly wait to see the results!!