Tradewinds - Anabelas block

This is the latest block I have completed in the Crazy Quilting International (yahoo group) Round Robin I am in. Anabela's block was very challenging for me. It had alot of colour and print and I usually work in plains and a monotone palette. My first instinct was to add some black stitched seams, but not everyone loves black the way I do, and as each participant embellishes an entire block, I tried to keep my block harmonious to the blocks already done. ( yay, I'm learning!!)
I had sketched out some ideas when the blocks arrived in December... and didn't stick to it at all... but it did help to have some ideas floating around. The two previous stitchers had added butterflys to Anabelas blocks, so I kept that theme going. There is lots of beads to add sparkle which doesn't show in the pic. I also puffed up the eggs and chick a little. I did this by backstitching around the area, making a tiny cut in the foundation fabric and stuffing quilt batting into the stitched off area. I then ironed some fuseable lining over the cuts to keep it all in. This can kinda be seen in the pic, but is quite effective in reality. All in all, I am pleased with the result and hope that Anabela is too.
I am throughly enjoying the 'entire block' format round robin, and each participant has such different blocks that you get to work on something that you may never consider trying for yourself. Leslie's blocks are all curvy, so I am hoping to learn something just from the peicing of her blocks.
The weather here is just awful ( usual mid summer rain, Rain, RAIN) , but perfect for DVD's (kids) and stitching (me).


Melissa said...

I really like the idea of stuffing/puffing up the area! Wish I could see it in person I know how photos can not get the "real" look of it across very well sometimes!

Gerry said...

Jo, the needlework is lovely. I'm glad you survived the 'family' vacation! LOL.

Ribbonwiz said...

Beautiful work in this block Jo.
Love how you puffed out the chick, to make it stand out.
Hey Jo, check your profile, you look pretty good for a 250 yr old girl!
nice to catch up with you again.

Charlene said...

Such a lovely block, reminds me of springtime.

hideko said...

Jo, you have done a beautiful work on the Anabela's block very successfully. She must love it. I know it's very challenging to work on an all prints block like this. Your work is amazing. Hideko

Susan said...

However you came to it, it's really lovely. My favorite part is the yellow flowers. I was happy to hear you say that you had made sketches and then didn't use that. =)

Anabela said...

Hi, Jo

Oh my, how gorgeous!!!!!
When I imagined how the blocks would look after the embroidery, this is the picture I had in my mind.
What a creative way to add volume to the chick and the eggs:-)

Thank you so very much!