Quick visit & catch up

Myself and the kids are having a wee holiday from our holiday. They get so grumpy and overtired that we have to come home for a couple of days of TV and blobbing out.
I have done a little stitching in the evenings, but not as much as I had expected to do. I mostly read in the holidays...REAL BOOKS!...instead of blogs. lol
So, below is a pic of what I have achieved so far, a whole lot of embellished, ready to assemble, ATM/licence holders. I want to sell these for a reasonable (to the buyer) amount, so I have experimenting with reducing the labour involved. The first three in the top row are probably where I will head with them. My sister requested one with a pohutukawa flower on it for a friend of hers currently living in Japan, and the next two are lace with some beading.

While we were on one of our day trips, I stopped in at a 'craft co-operative' store in a rather exclusive little community and made enquiries about getting invovled, but they will take 40% commision if you can't work the 2 days a month required, which I can't, but I may still be able to charge a price that I am happy with because of the area and the fact it would be mostly tourist clientele. The two ladies in the shop were quite enthusiastic ( I showed them the one that I have carried all summer) and they suggested phone cases and glasses cases too. This little spot also houses a weekly market, so that may be something I can consider to, although it is a long way to go if I don't actually sell anything.\

I am currently working on Anabelas Tradewinds DYB, which needs to be posted on by the 1st Feb.
Art meme ladies, you are still not forgetten....

To to all you ladies do TAST (take a Stitch Tuesdays), I am not so arrogant to assume that you all (170 and counting..) read my blog, but for those of you that do, I have been surfing all your offerings and there is some fabulous stuff out there. I wanted to mention you here, as I have alot to catch up on and don't have the time to comment on everyone that I would like to. Keep stitching up a storm so that I have lots of eyecandy and inspiration for my permanent return home.

WARNING! only check out the TAST link if you have hours and hours to devote to viewing eyecandy!!


Susan said...

Welcome back, even if only for a few days. I'm glad you are having a good time, though, and finding some outlets for your things. All the ones in the picture look very desirable. =)

The TAST is fun - a little like an extended session in the class you took this last fall, I'd think.

Ati. said...

Hi, I am happy to see you again, missed you!
Nice stuff you have there on the photo.

Elizabet said...

How much for the purple one at the bottom including shipping?

Hope you've had a nice rest. Missing you!