*stash flash* and key ring

I ordered some lace packs off Pam Kellogg from her Etsy shop. They are just gorgeous, especially the tatting. I have already managed to use a little in one of my card holders. Pam asked a while ago if embellishers and CQers would be interested in yard amounts, or smaller pieces sold in variety packs. I said the variety packs, of which I also got one, but now I don't want to use anything in the variety pack, because it will be gone!! So, I like yard lengths. I can use it a few times and still keep that one piece back for 'that' project that it will be perfect for. Pam also sent a beautiful piece of hand painted fabric. Thanks Pam. A pleasure doing business with you.
Below is an absolutely shocking pic of a second card holder that I made. It was a pic with flash, and I tutu'd with it, and it just looks bad, but it is in fact a very nice little piece. I gave this to a Playcentre friend who said "What a good idea" when I mentioned the idea a while ago.

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Susan said...

I don't have it here in front of me to compare, but the picture looks fine. I can see the stitching and beads. It's really great colors.