Pouch complete

Here is the latest finish. This pouch did originally have two sides (embellished) but I decided to split it and make two pouches. You will see the other side next week.
Sharon Bs 'personal library of stitches' starts today. I think I am the only person in THE WORLD who hasn't got their class notes yet.....and I'm away all weekend, so if they don't come soon I will have to wait until Monday.

edited to say: I am the only person in the WORLD who can't read emails properly, they don't send the lessons, I have to go get them!! duh.


Jacqui said...

Hi Jo, Got mine today - worth the wait. The email came through some time overnight. Think there may be 3 of us from NZ doing this course - seem to remember another name as well. Like you, away tomorrow at an Embroiderers Guild day.

Susan said...

No, I thought that, too, when I took the other class, so you are in good, intelligent company. =)

I hope you are having a great time this weekend.

That's a great little pouch. Blue things just look prettier. =)

No, green is my favorite color.

Susan said...

P. S. I'll blog my fargo roses tomorrow, I hope.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the class also. I really like your sequin designs on the pouch.
May I use the idea on my class sampler? I can never incorporate sequins into my cq and be happy but your idea I really like.
Hope to see you in the forum.

Thanks Julia

Stacy said...

so dainty and pretty!

Gerry said...

Jo, this is just darling. Are the fabrics leather or suede? It has a very soft, brushed look to it.

Cat said...

Wow, real neat, great colors, and I love the swirls and sequins.

Jo in NZ said...

Julia, feel free to take my ideas and make them your own.

Gerry, the blue is hand dyed cotton (one of the 'golds' is too) And the gold with the main motif is shot silk dupioni.

Anonymous said...

that paisleyish design on the bottom is to die for.

What a beautiful bag Jo. Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

Jo your pouch is beautiful and thank you soooooooo much for the tutorial on the Fargo Rose it sure helped me a LOT!!

meggie said...

I love that pouch!
You are so talented!

Vicky said...

Your needle work is GORGEOUS!!!! If any of it every needs a home you could send it to Florida to stay with me. I only dream to do this beautiful work one day.


Jo in NZ said...

Thanks Vicki. Do you have a blog, or similar. I couldn't reply direct to your comment.