Scrappy hearts

I am away for the weekend, a Playcentre regional meeting on Saturday, and R&R on Sunday. Because it is really hard to cart everything with me for stitching, I pieced together these scraps (that were lying forlorn on my studio floor). I intend to just stitch the seams. These were actually alot of fun to piece. No thinking, just grabbing a bit that fit. Should have something finished by Monday.
This is a link to my Playcentre's webpage, in case you are interested in what I do when I am not stitching or blogging. We have our AGM tomorrow, I am looking at another year of President, not because I'm any good, just because no body else wants it!!
Catch you Monday...happy stitching.

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Stacy said...

Looks like there's plenty of fun to be had there. Have a great time!