I had a lovely weekend away - I am very lucky to have such an obliging partner - and this is what I achieved on my Saturday evening/ Sunday all day. The first heart is for Beverly Ann. Beverly wanted something soft and feminine. I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this heart.....I actually used some stash!! Some hand dyed lace trim and the beaded motif. I buy this stuff with the best of intentions, then NEVER use it in case I might need it. The print is one I got from Pat Winters esty haul. I embellished the hat, basket, and dress a little.

This next heart was one of the 'scrappy' hearts I pieced last week. I am a little unhappy with. I feel that it needs more, but I think that may be because I am used to a more 'encrusted' look. Please let me know if you think it is a little bare. Funnily enough this took quite a while, it was hard work thinking of seam treatments!

My excitement for this weekend, although I will miss the 'actual' excitement in action, is that I had the not so pleasant task of dobbing aa old friend into the police for P manufacturing. This guy and I grew up together, and although we haven't remained close, it is still hard to do that to someone who you have known forever. But having said that, it is not something that I will allow to occur around my family, my children, my grandmother. He has been locked in his bach for over a month. All doors and windows blacked out and a video cameras around the bach to see who comes and goes. It is hard to understand the situation, and adequately describe it, but where the bach is is a very close and tight knit community. Everybody knows everyone elses business, and for him to think that he could do this in the camp, and get away with it, is madness. Unfortunately, I know his family are aware that he was doing this, and they have buried their heads in the sand, but P does not go away. If he was just nurturing a few hydroponic dac plants in the bedroom, I would of left him too it ( and I guess that may turn out to be the case) but cooking up P is just bullshit in my books. I contacted the police yesterday, so hopefully nana will have some gossip in the next few days. I do not feel guilty about this, but I do feel a little sad, for him, and his family, but I am a firm believer in actions and consequences, and this needs one great big consequence. We have had so many really horrific attacks and murders in NZ in the last year that have been attributed to P, that I could not of done nothing. I'm sure I will have some consequenses of my own to face from his family, but I have gone into this with my eyes open, and hopefully he will get any help he needs.
Well, back to fun stuff....stitching to do.


May Britt said...

You did right. It is hard to do things like this, but we can't accept things like this going on in the neighbourhood. You got small children and you have to protect them. A common problem these days are that no one cares, they just close their eyes and hope for the best, scared to get involved in something. You did right!!!!! I would have done the same thing.

Stacy said...

Oh my. I don't know what P is, but I assume it's really horrible. What an awful position for you to be in - but you did the right. thing.

The heart is lovely, but I favor your more encrusted works too. Yet, if I visualize it without the extra at the sides (the seam allowance) - it looks great. I therefore retract my previous thought. :)

Susan said...

Sometimes doing the right thing is difficult, but you have to think about what's safest for your family, as well as the community.

The heart looks fine, to me. I like the stitching going up the rusty colored V-shape.