...and another heart. My children must of been cooperative today, and the house isn't vaccumed, and the washing isn't washed...whatever!!

I have been sitting here quietly for the last 10 minutes, watching my two year old make a sandwich, from start to finish. He got out the bread, reached for a sharp knife, changed his mind and got a butter knife, got butter from the fridge, vegemite from the pantry, put a bit of that on, said "all gone" went back to the pantry and got nutella and has started on that. He won't actually eat the sandwhich, he just likes 'spreads'. He is so incredibly independent, and today, he is really rather cute.


Stacy said...

...your stitches always looks so perfect and straight.

&, I just love those days. You know. The ones where the 2 yr. old child seems more cute than naughty. :)

Susan said...

I don't blame him. I wouldn't eat vegemite either. =) Quite a talented fellow he is at only 2!

The heart is great. I like that little half-wheel thing. The bottom bit reminds me a little of smocking.

Susan said...

There's a new heart in my journal, if you still want to swap. =)