Heart #34.....and paisley

Yes, you read right, I am making hearts. There are a heap of new members over at COH, and I'm missing out on some great stuff. So here is number #34. Black silk dupion, grey trim, green beads, red sequins and red ribbon. I found these flowers in an Aussie mag. They are really easy to do, and quite effective. Below is a shot to show how dimensional they are.
I'm not putting these up for swap yet. There are a couple of people holding hearts for me, so they will get first pick once they are all done. They will be similar to this, but diff colours.

The Stitching Post is an Embroidery yahoo group ( I'm not a member, but only because there is not enough hours in the day) the group have started a paisley challenge. They have a blog here, so visit regularly, and see what they are up to.
The are using sharonBs designs that you will find here. Ktj has already made a fantastic start. That girl can stitch. I particularly like the design that ktj choose, the flower. I might try this one myself.
If you want to know more about that group, leave a comment, and ktj will fill you in.
You will find a rundown of paisley participants in this post.

I am off to a workshop tonight, as a participant, rather than a facilitator. It is a 'play' workshop on visual art ( paint, collage etc). We offer workshops that focus on a particular area of play that we provide at Playcentre. The idea is that the parents experince the play for themselves, and thru that gain an understanding of how that play supports preschool learning. I like them because I get to play and be creative for a couple of hours without a needle and thread. Although the last one I did I ended up doing feather stitch with that paper ribbon stuff, a hole punch and wool!


Jo in NZ said...

Sorry, the post wasn't clear. Follow the link to The Stitching Post blog, and leave a comment there...and ktj will get back to you.

hideko said...

I love your flowers very much. Please give us a lesson how to make. What kind of beads did you use for the petals?

Susan said...

Oh, those *are* dimensional, aren't they? I like them.

Check Gayle's hearts in the photo albums - one has paisley fabric and paisley designs she made.

May Britt said...

WOW Jo the heart is georius. Have to make you a blue one with the wavy lace now. So please remember me with a heart.

katiejayinpa said...

Jo, that is a wonderful heart. I am glad you included the close-up of the sequin flower because at first i thought it was made from beads...i'm with Hideko..'splain please.lol....and....thank you for the compliments...wait till you see Maureen B's paisley....!!!!!!!!!!!!

and, i really want to go to the playcentre thingies and play too, how fantastic! What a great way to keep young and in touch with the creative side!


ateliebenficarte said...

Lindo, lindo lindo
sugiro qie faça com cores mais fortes. Faz um coração BRASILEIRO.