A bit more paisley

Two fabulous CQers have hopped on this wagon.
SharonB at In A Mintue Ago has completed (just in the nick of time) a paisley postcard.
Pam Kellogg at Kitty and Me Designs has added a charted paisley motif for our enjoyment.

Here's a tip for today. I find that when I work with the silk dupion, it often frays, ALOT. Now, I have said before that my machine only sews straight lines ( therefore no zigzag), so while sewing a block, I grabbed some off cuts of vilene (fusable lining), sandwiched the edge between it and pressed it with the iron . Whalah! No more fraying.

The smell is kinda lingering, depending on which way I hold my tongue, but it's not nauseating like it was. Thanks for all your suggestions and possible causes.


Susan said...

Clever idea. I have no idea what vilene is, as I never sew with linings, and I rarely use those fancy fabrics in my CQ, but it looks like it solved the problem!

The Pam's link didn't work, but Sharon's did.

Lillian said...

I HAVE to ask- what kind of a machine do you have???

Lillian said...


Your post made me post about my machine. thanks for the jumping point!

May Britt said...

What a great idea. Have to try this. Thanks for the tip.
You mentioned earlier about my blue and white heart. Do you still want to swap. I can make you a almost similar heart.

Lillian said...

Not that I thought your machine was a cheapie- some of the older vintage machines don't have decorative stitches (unless you have attachments) and only sew straight! Still highly collectible. Huskies are great machines! I can't imagine how you ever sewed backwards. You have got to blog that one! lol