Well , the smell is gone!! How weird is that? We asked our neighbour to come and smell our house ( I know, he looked at us strange too), but it was not there when he came in. I have had a very faint whiff of it about twice, but it's pretty much gone. My fear was a rat, or even a dead cat under the house. Our other neighbours are rubbish hoarders, which I don't understand, our rubbish collection is FREE. There is at least ( and I AM NOT overexagerating) 40 rubbish bags in their yard. I think it may have been the waste disposal. If it was something dead I'm sure the smell wouldn't have dissapated that quickly.

Anyway, for all you new folks, sorry about the lack of a stitch related post, but I have been decontructing my house to find the smell. I don't often post 'off topic', so do come back, and you will get some CQ next time.

I would like to acknowledge Rissa at Rissa's Pieces for her info on beading. It helped immensley with the beading on the last paisley. I tend to just get the beads on the piece, which is kinda OK when the are intermittent, or scattered, but for the outline effect, Rissa's advice was very helpful.

I'm sure most of you have come here via SharonB, but if not, Sharon has fossicked out a bit more info on Paisley and its history. So if you have an interest in Persian Pickles, go take a look.


Susan said...

"Fossicked" is a word I haven't heard in a long time, used this way! Cool. I love unusual vocabulary. It makes life more interesting.

Chloe said...

Yeah - but did you see what Shaon called us. Something like "Jo's usual suspect band of cohorts"!

Now THAT is vocabulous!

Rissa said...

Thanks for the compliments! :-) And I am glad the smell went away. We had a problem with flies this week and I was certain there was a dead mouse somewhere to blame. EWWWWW!