Here is the progress on this block. The top right is supposed to be cherry blossoms, but I think it is to 'light' for the rest of the blocks embellishments. I was going to extend the branches down further, over the trim and into the other pieces. Any suggestions?

Here is my work on Sharons block. Sharon has one block in an
undersea theme, and I was stumped for a while, but I used the shisha stitch to attach a lovely button ( it shines and sparkles in the light) , added a few legs, and you have a jellyfish! The little fella is three bullion stitches surrounded by chain stitch.

I am working on a bag for a swap. The theme is oriental. I have pieced my sides, but, just to keep you guessing Elizabet, I'm not going to post piccies until you have it in your hot little hands. I know, that sucks, but I would hate for you to not like it, and then you would spend the next 6 weeks wishing you had a diff partner. I think you will be OK though, even DH said he liked it. One side is traditional, and one side is a little, um contemporary ( read as different). I may compromise, andl post piccies of seam treatments etc, but no whole block pics.


Elizabet said...

oooh, you have been a busy bee!

I've only got as far as choosing which fabric i'm going to use!You are a very talented lady and am sure I will love it. But, yes....curiousity will be eating away at me for several weeks ;P

Ribbonwiz said...

Love the jellyfish....very clever Jo!