New project

This is my latest well as working on RR blocks. I have a plan for this, we'll see if it works out. I will post off the pathfinder block tomorrow, it will be hard to part with, I really like the way it came together. Anywho, back to this block. I have added a fair bit of trim to this, which I don't normally do, now, just, what to do with it?? I have already done a few seam treatments on this, but I post progress another day, y'all come back now, ya hear!


MargaretR said...

Hi Jo.
I must get back to needle tatting, this is just beautiful. I can't see myself doing the real one actually. What does it matter if the needle tatting looks the same?
i am following you CQ carefully :>)

Cat said...

Looking forward to seeing how you transform this. I am glad to have met other crazy quilters on line.

katiejayinpa said...

jo...i remember when i firwt started using laces and things on the was a very big deal for me, felt like i was of course it's old hat...and your block is going to be gorgeouos as usual