Here is some things I have been working on. The Round Robin I'm in is moving along quite nicely. The blocks are small , and we have a 2-3 week turnaround.

Lynettes block was done with all cast-on stitch.

Hope's block has the spiderweb roses in a verigated silk ribbon, and a piece of lace stitched with herringbone, and some faux pearls added.

And here is my latest heart. It was requested by Candji. She wanted one similar to Taylas.

I have been indulging in a little S.E.X. this week. Went to the Hospice shop on Thursday and picked up a little purse/bag made with red oriental type fabric. Also some green crocheted doilies.
Yesterday was a trip to spotlight for some fusable form for my bags. Well $60 later, and I forgot the fusable form ( vilene)!! I came out with some half price silk dupioni -$12 per mtr, some silk ribbon, and some beads and a beaded bracelet that will be deconstructed.
Not bad.
I must get to work on Rebeccas heart, I'm afraid that inspiration is lacking at the moment, but it will return.
I should be able to post piccies of the contest block I did for CQforNewbies in the next couple of days. I have had a few votes, and some nice comments.
Need to go do washing........but I won't, I sure I can find something else to do.....umm, minutes of the last Playcentre meeting need typing up, and seeing as I'm already at the keyboard.....
Ka kite ano ( see you later)


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I especially like the grape like clusters around the corner of the heart!