Came across a couple of interesting blogs with some great work on them.
Artisan Grassroots which is quite new. I hope she keeps posting. She does scrapbook type pages in CQ. The second one is BAUMCAT. This lady makes some lovely pieces, incorporating some unusual materials and verses. They are really quite captivating.


Cat said...

Thank you Jo for visiting my blog and for highlighting me in your post, you are a dear!!! I love cruising thru your blog and seeing the crazy quilting stitches. Please keep in touch!

Micki said...

Thanks for pointing these blogs out.

arttealife/onecrabapple said...

OHHH! that is my friend BAUMCAT !

she really knows how to do it !

She has inspired many artists like Artisian Grass Roots to start up thier own quilting arts.

She is definitely and inspiration to me !!!