a block

Here's a little number I whipped up today.

I just checked my stats, and 'hardy haa ha ha' to the pervy little so-n-so who has be doing a google search on 'sex'. Due to the title of a recent post, my blog has had many, many hits. I will take this into account next time I share my Stash Enhancemant Experiences.
Well suckers, I hope you learned a little something about they joy some of us can find in life without the aid of a penis!


Iris said...

Jo you are just too funny! :~)

I love the block. I joined the CQnewbies too so I'm thinking of working on a block myself this weekend.

MargaretR said...

I love those colours Jo. I must get back to mine. I think it may be finished actually.

Ribbonwiz said...

Jo, so funny!
Block looks lovely..

abeautifulcraft said...

LOL ...... am chuckling. Nice block Jo!

sharonb said...

Jo I am sure you have just increased your rankings as now there are two words that will turn up in searches -

katiejayinpa said...

too too funny!