Mail call

Rosemary's heart arrived this morning. Rob says we're going to have customs watching the mail with the sudden influx of little packages from overseas..haha. So my heart collection is getting bigger.

Dana was asking how I did the tulips on the last two hearts. I thought I'd written about it, but maybe that was on the group forum. They are made out serviettes. I got this product at a craft expo called serviette podge. You find a serviette you like, take the top layer only, iron it to vilene (sp?) then you can cut out the design you want . the first one I separated the tulips, the second one I didnt. Then you pull the backing off the vilene, iron it to your fabric, then brush the 'podge' over the top. Leave to dry and heat set with iron. It is supposed to be hand washable. It seems pretty sturdy, and has taken to the sewing quite well.
The trouble is finding really nice serviettes ( theres heaps of nice xmas ones) and they are about $10 bucks a packet over here, and I don't use serviettes, so it is a bit pricy to be buying them left, right and centre.
... So if any of you out there have some really stunning serviettes maybe you could post me one.

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