Heart #6

Here is heart #6 - WIP. I'm pleased with the flower spray, but now I'm stuck!. I did have a doilie fan in the bottom patch, but it just didn't look right, so now I need to find something else to do. I've tried laces and trims, but that's not happening either. Having only the three pieces of fabric is proving challenging. maybe I will add another patch across the bottom. I don't know...arrgghh. Maybe I will put it down and start another one, but that would mean a UFO, and the whole point of the hearts is no UFO's.
I did the feather stitch with beads on thie which was fun, and a really nice effect.

I forgot to blog yesterday that I went stash shopping. I started off really well...$3 at the Sallies..should of stopped there! Got some great jewellry to reconstruct. The beads on the heart are from a bracelet. Then I went to Arthurs Emporium, not too bad $13..FIRST TIME, then as I was walking out I thought " oh, I'll just have a quick look at buttons...oh dear. Then, seeing as I was out that way, I went to spotlight....and sushi for lunch. Great afternoon.

Well, back to angsting over the heart.

ps- seeing as I have been sewing every day, I have not been doing and CC in my sketch book, becuase I am doing what makes me happy, and that's the whole point!!


Chloe said...

Now, if this was moi, I would be saying "what a great site for some waste canvas work".

But you probably haven't got any handy. Pity.

Ummmmm maybe make a flower from gathered ribbon or lace (or the four-petalled one, if you know it), stick a button with a shank in the middle and sew it on.

Maybe not dead centre, but you get the idea. Maybe some stitched greenery coming out of the back of it.

Maybe sew on your Great Grandmother's antique pearls???? Well, something along that line. :)

Maureen said...

why don't you continue a trail of flowers and beads meandering through that patch in a gentle curve and over to the left?
That way you can grow silk flowers,add background flystitched fernery to soften the line,make accents with seed beads or gran's pearls--whatver1

Calidore said...

My first thought was another spray of flowers curved along the bottom and up one side of the empty section. Perhaps do it in a slightly different colour to the other flower cluster (which I love - espeically that beaded feather stitch), but use some beads from that cluster and some silver somethings to incorporate the colours of what you have already done. Just a thought.

Jo in NZ said...

You guys rock! Thanks for the suggestions. I was showing my mum this arvo, and I put the fan back on, and liked it...?! I will add a few bullion roses around the lily first, then maybe take a photo with the fan in place ( always gives me a better perspective), then I'll see. I have been checking out redwork patterns today. I thought something 'light' was needed since the lily and flowers are quite 'heavy'