Heart #3...and other stuff

Here is heart#3 completed. I REALLY like this one. It has ceramic beads (and some wooden ) and is embellished with bullion stitch, french knots and staight stitch. I have replaced the photo with one taken in daylight. It is a MUCH better shot, and seeing as my work is on display for all the world to see, I wanted a good piccie!!

I cleaned house today. While the kids are away...the mother will.... throw ALL the CRAP out!! Threee!! rubbish bags full are sitting on the curb waiting for the 'refuse reappropriation team' (read rubbish hot guys!) to collect. It may be a smelly profession, buy, boy oh boy, those young blokes are BUFF, and sweaty....and I've been alone too long..

I also did the bulk funding forms today. And I would like to say to any employee of the New Zealand Ministry of Education, you are paid for what you do, I, am not. I know you check all the figures and stat forms etc that we do (cos you ring to tell us we are wrong), so maybe you could consider doing your jobs your-fucking- selves. 5 HOURS!! of MY holiday time spent doing your work. Man you've got it good.
For those of you who don't understand ( which is not unusual for me), I am president of our local Playcentre, which is run completely by the parents on a voluntary basis. We buy the toilet paper, and we manage the money. Being voluntary, I don't get paid. Being president, I get to do all the jobs that nobody else wants to do....like bulk funding. But I do love Playcentre. It's kinda like homeschooling for pre-schoolers. If I didn't go there with the kids every day, we would all be about 87% more unhappy in each others company.

Well thats all for today. Rob said I didn't have to go back to bach until Thursday, so I've got an extra day!!!! Whoop Whoop.


Sharkeysday said...

I love it! What a neat way to piece and use embellishments! Very creative and a "new" look!

Miriam said...

Hi Jo! Saw your post on the Kiwi swap thread on Craftster, and thought I'd check your blog out. Nice hearts! And too funny - I'm president of our Playcentre too (Terrace End, Palmerston North), so can totally identify, having just done our bulk funding last week!!!

Jo in NZ said...

Hi Miriam. I'm so glad that someone else that knows about Playcentre has visited. Only one more week of holidays left, but then I get to go to Nat Ed. Yay! another weekend away.