HEART# 2 and CC #9

A constructive evening in front of the telly, and here is heart #2. This heart was inspired by Calidore, who was concerned by the fact that she needs to extend her stitch repotoire(sp?) beyond feather stitch. Well, you don't! All the stitching is on this heart is feather stitch - except the spidey web and initial. I am enjoying doing these and I think it is because they have a purpose ( like the bags). These little pieces will (hopefully) find a home. While I love doing the blue blocks, people always say "what are you going to do with it?' Well, I don't know. It's too ornate for a bed quilt. Blue is not a colour that fits in with my decor. Why did you start it then? I hear you ask. Because it was the only fabric I had, and I thought I would be a hideous embroiderer, and I didn't want to waste money of fabric, and it was preferable to the pink fabric (pink bags).

Off to post a piccie on CoH. Hopefully this baby will be winging it's way to so far flung part of the world...or Aussie!?

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Calidore said...

How nice to pop over for a visit and find my name mentioned. Love the heart and particularly love the use of the feather stitch. I shall have to rethink what I am doing. I want to make a bag (a small one) and could see myself restricting the stitching to variations of just feather stitch as an experiment. Thank you for the inspiration.