Found Poetry challenge - time to vote

I received some lovely entries, so time for you to read and decide.
Please vote in the comments below. Each poem will have a number, so  please note that in the comments. :)   
I have to say, I know a couple of these people personally, and these poems are deeply personal, which makes them all the more special for me to receive them. 
Thank you all for participating .

poem 1 - Ati

go with me to the light
finding ourselves in nature
put me in your heart
for two special reasons
my life and soul were driven into love
and that, I hope, shall give me peace

Poem 2 - SC

contemplate my life,
o curious life.
I knew not my heart:
eyes blind.
But see my heart flourish!

Be satisfied, not grieved...
Eyes sparkling, I love.


Poem 3 - Deb

A parting soul flies to the sun.
This realm left mourning;
    bold, cureless wounds.
no strength.... no air.... no father.

Now breathe!

Poem 4 - Lianne

His bones cry 'go with me',
speak what the world should be;
Virtue, soul, great love in all, that grace and hope will teach.
Imagine now my naked heart shall be so ruled by peace
poem 5 - Leslie

Far beyond mistrust
I'll give my heart.
Woe , grief, pity are fatal-
my heart shall be valiant.
Away! Flying with grasped hands,
I love!


Please go and vote in the comments !!

ps. It's ok to vote for yourself :)


Anonymous said...

poem 4 - for sure!

Anonymous said...

I quite like them all but I'm voting for number 3.

Miss 376 said...

I'm going with 3, but well done to every one

Ati. said...

Thanks Jo. I like to vote for myself, number 1, but if that was not possible I should say number 3 Deb.

Margreet said...

My vote goes for Ati.

Tiny said...

My vote goes for Ati.

Janny de Roo said...

I like the poem of Ati. for me number 1.

coral-seas said...

They are all wonderful but Deb's poem squeezed my heart. I will vote for #3.

sasyvonne said...

I will vote for number 1 .Good luck with your decision.

Cathy K said...

I would vote for #1, Ati.

tiny said...

I'm voiting for number 1 Ati.

Wilma said...

My vote goes to nr. 1

Anna said...

My vote goes to poem 1 for Ati


Magpie's Mumblings said...

#4 gets my vote, although they're all great. I loved this idea and had every intention on entering but time got away from me.

Lianne Berpløùdest said...

As much as I would like to vote for myself, I have to say number two really strikes a chord with me so you get my vote. All lovely x

Simona Cordara said...

This technique is also called "caviardage". Your poems and doodling are always amazing!