I have listed some Valentine (or anytime is good for love!!) cards on Etsy and Felt (NZ). If you fancy ordering please do so quickly as I am taking a little trip over the ditch to Melbourne  for 1-6 Feb, and posting to US/International will be cutting it really fine if I post when I get back. Inconvenient, but SO EXCITING!! My first proper trip overseas.

Anyways, here's the goods

Heart on a String

Bleeding Heart



FredaB said...

Hi Jo

Have a wonderful trip to Melbourne.
It is my favorite Australian city to visit of the ones we have been lucky enough to visit.

Of course, dear Christchurch is still my all time favorite and I cry for it and all the earthquakes. I wonder if it will ever come back.



mamazerty said...

it's really marvellous,a very cute idea!(Sorry , my english is somewhat limited, but your blog is full with wonderfull ideas!)