Denise Taylor

Hi Denise, if you are reading, could you please email me. I have an NZ publication that would like to get hold of you.

Thanks so much

Sorry for the false hope readers, if you thought you were getting a post. I was planning one, even took pics... It is time to start on the annual chrissy ornies, and I had a plan, stitched and beaded, but OMGosh, they looked like my six year old made them. They are really rubbish, and not something I was willing to share. I am doing ornies, drawn ones, so I will share those...or pop oved to my flickr page for a look.

Hope you are all keeping well. Going back to work has sucked lots of life out of me, and the will to stitch has not been around. I think about it often though, so I am sure I will return one day .
Miss you all



Wendy said...

Miss you Jo and all your creative ideas and goodies you make. Hope all is well.

Momma Bear said...

we all miss you Jo, but your family comes first!
I know how badly work and kids can suck the creative out of you!
not to worry though it may seem like forever when the mojo comes back it comes back in force!
just make sure you take some you time in all the busy or you will wear your self out and be no use to anyone!

FredaB said...

Well I am sure glad you made it out of that darn pouch. Beginning to think we had lost you down there.

All kidding aside it is good to see you post even if it is not about crazy quilting. Did you go back to work full time? With a family and obligations that sure doesn't give you much time to yourself never mind stitching.

Just let us hear from you once in a while.

Many hugs