Holy crap...she's done some sewing

...at total of about 10 inches of zigzag stitch! These "apron" tops have only three short seams, and there is another version that only has one seam

Excuse the pics of my ample figure, but these tops do actually look good on anyone, and probably look marginally better on those of you whose arse wont hang out the back like an ill fitting hospital gown. But, if you're behind me, I can't see the look on your face, so I am not going to dwell on it!

 So, there you go. Don't let it be said that Jo in NZ doesn't sew anymore! Its not true  :P

I dont have an online link for these, I copied a friends bought one, and "grumpy lady" at Spotlight was actually incredibly helpful today. I am sure you could google them though.


Elizabeth Braun said...

Jo, your language!!

Good to see you've managed to do something textiley though. I haven't....!!

Sue said...

Oh woe! All the google links go to garments of a very different shape, not that lovely drapey/cowly neckline. Could you not be persuaded to give us more information? Pretty please?

Jo in NZ said...

Elizabeth...sorry! Lucky you are not on Facebook... I really censor the blog!

Sue, I went and googled to, and found nothing. I do intend to make some more, so I will do a step by step for you in the near future.
Thanks for dropping by.
(they may also be called wrap tops, but I searched that too and didn't get anything similar, but then I didn't look too hard, cos I know how to make them!!)

Mademoiselle Chaos said...

This is exactly what I wanted to make of this crepy black&gold jersey (that's been lingering around for quite some time) for ages... and now you've done it before me :D cool stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea Jo -- thinking of all the drapey fabric in the stash that hasn't been used in forever and what it could be transformed into now! Haven't had the sewing machine running in forever either, so a good time to get it all together!
Karen in OH

Žabacorporation said...

Very nice!
This one looks the best of the three I've seen at you so far:-)

Perolas de Cristo said...

eu amei..que arte...e dá um caimento perfeito!