TBCQ block 5

 didn't have a chance to do any stitching while I was away this time. The weekend was run as a series of small workshops, so I didn't really sit around long enough anywhere to get things out. I drew a lot though...

Here is the progress on block 5.  I have done a seam here-and-there on black and gray blocks as well, but this is the interesting stuff.

and here am I in "sunny" Invercargill, at Bluff, the most southern point of the South Island
It actually was sunny for all of the weekend, except at the time we decided to take a road trip. We were up at 6.30 to get this trek out of the way before the meeting started. We are, after all, sent around the country to work!

Only two more weeks and I am off again to Christchurch this time. This meeting I will def get some stitching done!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing a picture of you! Your diamonds are all coming along so beautifully. I've examined them all and find nothing but excellence.

wanda art. said...

your art. work is Beautiful !!!