The Neglectful Blogger

Sorry peoples. No blogging makes Jo a dull girl.

I havn't done anything to blog.

Haven't picked up a needle in two weeks and counting.

Haven't kept up with my online course, therefore, I HAVE NOT formed a habit yet. (Sorry Sharon)

Working on a cross stitch for someone, haven't done that either.

Lots of doodling, might scan and upload just to show you something.

OK, can I no longer upload pics from my docs? WTF blogger? I cant even directly access my picasa.  got it sorted. But cant find the DVD remote either, so having a little spaz attack here.

The last one is more in the vein of Zentangle or zendoodling. All the others are done with just ballpoint pen. This one is with pigment ink. I love the look of it, but I really like to layer and layer with a ballpoint to create light and dark.
I doodle in the long weekend conferences that I go to. I cant listen if I am not doing something with my hands, so if I don't sew, I doddle. I used to just do them on note pads, and usually give them away. I  decided that I would have a book now, specifically for "meeting" doodles. You can see written on them which meeting they were done at.


Elizabeth Braun said...

You and me both, girl! I haven't stitched for a good fortnight now. The only thing I've done with my projects is move them from one place to another!

I also haven't any art to show and the studd I tried to make a start on the other day is barely fit to look at, so I doubt I'll be blogging that....

Sometimes it just goes like that and the thing that amuses me most about these quiet periods is that I seem to accumulate more followers during them than when I'm at a blogging zenith!!=)

Elizabeth Braun said...

Oh, that should have been 'stuff' not 'studd'!!

shawkl said...

So glad to know I'm not the only neglectful blogger of late! I have tons of things going on...just not many I can share.

Oh, wait...there is to go and blog! Yeah, thanks for the inspiration!! Oh, and love the doodles!! What a great creative way to keep your hand moving when you can't stitch!!


Mary Corbet said...

Fun, Jo! I love your doodling! I find myself going through doodling bouts, to the neglect of the needle, now and then, too.

Sometimes, it's not hard to feel blogged out and stitched out!

Good to see you!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your doodles (which are art, btw) would be lovely translated into fibre art!!

FredaB said...

I have been wondering where you were Jo and if everything was alright. Glad to know it is just that you have been busy. We all get these fits and starts and thank goodness the starts usually come again.

You are as artistic with your pen as you are with the needle.



Plays with Needles said...

Jo! You are one talented woman!! You're illustrations are beautiful...I wish I could I wish I could...

Anonymous said...

From one neglectful blogger to another...when you do post something it is wonderful. Love the doodles they are great inspiration.

Rose Anne B said...

WOW Jo I sure wish my meetings could be put to that good use of time and energy!!! My Manager understands that if my hands are busy that I probably would pay attention better and not lose myself in daydreaming!!! BUT the BOSS would not accept this at all and she is the boss.

LOVELY sketches and I could see some embroidery using some of those leaves that's for sure.

Mary-Frances said...

OMG not the remote! ha ha! Love the sketches. As for the classes, I almost find I get less motivated when I sign up for one (no matter what the class) what's up with that, eh?

Irish Kathi said...

so maybe there is something in the air...i have been so unmotivated for weeks now. i have to say i am not unhappy to be in that boar alone!

Rachel said...

You've created some gorgeous abstract patterns here. I have a book which suggests precisely this sort of doodling as a starting point for embroidery, and every time I try it looks a mess, so I am very envious!

Anonymous said...

hi JO-
Your embroidery has really impressed me, it is beautiful. You are
truly an artist. When my eyes were better a lot of embroidery came from my heart and hands. I kept telling everyone that I painted with a needle. I have been following your zentangles.Looks like you combine your artistry in
all of the creative things you do.
Thank you for sharing all the beautiful things you do.

Zenpen (shirley mccarty)