Great Gooseberries Batman...a blog post

I have been making stuff, in between keeping my house VERY TIDY!! because real estate agents are frequenting the property.

Anyway, this is new stuff, and I will be upfront and say these are a blatant rip off attempt to recreate out of sheer adoration, this this womans wonderful work - SolDelSur -  But mine are made from polar fleece and polyester fancy yarns. A poor mans version shall we say.  They were fun and quite easy to make. Of course making these at the moment is just madness for me as it is SO FREAKIN HOT!! I know y'all are freezing your arses off over there in the north, but here, not a cloud in the sky, a beautiful breeze, and humidity is low (unlike last week where humidity reached 100%). Needless to say, taking pics with this on was pushing it a little....

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FredaB said...

Did I miss something? Where are you going? I went to the gals site and she does make pretty scarves. I would die in them now that I live winters in Florida(it was 86 today) and hot Illinois in the summer.

Curious minds want to know.



ps - head is just fine.