Fabric Paper Journal Covers

My online pal Ati, has been making the most fantastic postcards. I bought one a while ago, and begged her for the instructions (which were apparently already in the public domain) , but i begged anyway!
 Well today was a crappy day. The BFF and I had plans to scale a small mountain, but the rain dictated otherwise, so we crafted. Belinda wanted to make a journal cover for her sister for xmas, which lead onto me saying, "hey, I have all this cool stuff to make fabric paper". So off we set. The dining room was transformed into a workstation (yes, I do have a studio, but it is small, and full of stuff, strictly room for one only). We had a blast.

the "stuff" we used, most of it generously supplied by Ati

Belinda, hard at work on her end of the table. (Pam, can you see your card in the background?) . Speaking of Ati, one of her blocks inspired the colour choice for my lounge walls too...

This is Belinda's first piece in progress.  The following three are mine finished.

I am a little unsure about the strength of the purple in the second one, however these will be further stitched and embellished, and I can live with it.
By the final one I was deciding what else I could pillage for text . The newspaper wasn't very inspiring, so I grabbed a dictionary. The possibilities are endless.

I particularly like this one. The text is a perpetual calender. The words are the definition of time, and Belinda thought the moon fitted the time theme well. We are both impatiently waiting for these to dry. We can only hope they hold together as well as Ati's postcard, which sat in full view to serve as inspiration. We are off to a 24 hr second hand book sale on Saturday night (I know, if there's a party, we are there...not) , to look for vintage recipes books, dress patterns and medical text ( I LOVE medical texts!)

Ati does have the tutorial for this posted on her blog, so I will send you there for instructions. Needless to say, it was a great day, and a fun, fun thing to do. I have so many ideas.


Ati. said...

Hi Jo, the pieces look nice, I am curious how you will finsh it off ;)
Fabulous Christmas ornies too, your stitching is as always: great!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great pieces! I like them all, but especially the purple (couldn't be because it's one of my favourite colours, could it?). I'm off to check out the tute.

Anonymous said...

Love yoyr fabric paper cards Jo. I searched on Ati's blog for instructions but failed to find. I am very curious and would like the instructions please.
Love your snowflakes too.
thanks, Margaret in sunny Queensland Australia

Pam Kellogg said...

Yes, I see it Jo!!! Love what you're doing these days! I could look at your projects all day long! Gorgeous!

mamazerty said...

It's exactly what I dream I will be able to do "one day"...