I have done the draw for the 600th post giveaway. I thought it was something I should get on with since I do have a tendency to let these things drag on....
Random number integer was used as usual.
The winner is

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Timestamp: 2009-09-02 11:23:52 UTC

by my counting, that makes Aida the Winner!!! Congrats Aida. I'll be in contact for mailing details. So if I recall, you get the pouch, the doilies, the good bag, and the not so good bag.

I also said I was going to throw in something extra for the 100th comment. That comment was made by butrfly2200. I will contact you too for mailing details. You will get a card pouch also. Now this one is not perfect on the inside because I put the magnetic snap in the wrong place the first time. But the embroidery is still very pretty all the same. These pouches are also smaller than what I make now. They were the prototypes, shall we say. You can get several cards in them, just not as many as in a 'bought one'.

Here are some pics of the latest offering over at Functional Fiber

I am a very happy camper today as I had 3 sales overnight. That means I can go and get my car registration. Yay! Its not as dire as it sounds, it was just a big bills month with Robs golf fees needing paying too...which I forgot to get money off the term deposit for. As Oprah said today on her show about mums - " You need a wife!" She is so right!


Aida Costa said...

Jo I'm THRILLED!! YAY!!! Many, many thanks :)

I've sent you an email with my snail mail :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats Aida. Those are amazing wonderful gifts. Jo you are very kind and generous to offer such special gifts. Much kudos to you!!!!!


Ann Flowers

Cobi said...

Jo, what an ingenious idea to embellish the tatted motifs like that. Its really gorgeous.

riya manna said...
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MichelleMermaid said...

Congrats weeners!
Jo the card holders are precious. I especially like the first two. Tres charmant!
As for me not winning...Hmph! ;)