plenty achieved this weekend

I am heading into a 'manic' phase, I can feel it. Either that or heading for a huge crash, but while we're up,  I'll take advantage!

I had hope to get further with these bags today, but the outer is done, and the inners are all ready to go. I find sewing the circular base in troublesome. I have an idea in my head though (don't we LOVE those), and when I get some time I will give it a go. Should still give me a nice rounded base, but be less (no) piecing . I really like the round bases. I am sure i can make it work, it will just be defining the areas for embellishment that might be tricky.
Here are some close ups
and finally, everything else I got done this weekend
you can see all the threads hanging out. I hand finish these on all my work, knotting and running them into the fabric. This will be "meeting" work this week. The stockings are going to ETSY, and the pouches are for my step daughter and her BFF.
but wait....there's more....
these stockings are a custom order. Embellishment will commence  this evening. The red need it's heel.



Carlie said...

Again I say your work is just beautiful. Where do you get your inspirations? Do you stitch a lot everyday? I don't see how you get so much stitching done. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

god you sound like me. i can always feel myself becoming manic (or crashing).
is Jon still less than keen on school- how many sickies has he tried to chuck so far?

Marty52 said...

Delicious colors and perfect stitches as always, Jo! You are definitely in a GO mode, aren't you? Don't over do it!

Aida Costa said...

WOW, each time I visit your blog I'm more and more amazed!! Those bags, especially, are dynamite. The turquoise one is incredible, the colour is really eye-catching.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You HAVE been busy!! The bags are beautiful (especially the face one and the turquoise...lovely). I am refusing to even look at Christmas is good (isn't it?).