RoseAnne wanted to see a picture of my whole magnolia tree so here you go. It is a deciduos one, and gets al its flowers before the leaves come in, and they are just stunning to  look at. Friends bought this for me when I moved in here. I had one at my last home, and I loved it. This tree is about 11 years old.
They are not the 'cup and saucer" flowers you usually get... I think they are called 'the fingers of god"

and I had a meeting today, so took some handwork to do. Budgets are very boring...sewing is not!
card holders pieced with the muslin/calico. SRE will be added next, with some more pics for RoseAnne hopefully.

What a great response to the giveaway. Keep those comments coming, I would really like to throw a pincushion in the mix as well.

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FredaB said...

That tree is just beautiful. I have never seen one like it. Imust do a little investigating and see if we have them in this country. We have a lot of the "cup and saucer" ones in Florida and they have shiny green leaves. The branches are beatiful to decorate with at Christmas time.