One hit Wonder?

I am feeling a bit like a one hit wonder with constantly posting about what I just listed on ETSY, but thats what I am making at the moment, so there would be no posting otherwise.
So, that said, check out what I just listed on ETSY.

I wanted to do some stockings that looked lovely, but weren't to time consuming. I think these fit the bill. I have added an eyelet for putting a hanging loop thru. That worked quite well. I have some other ideas that I think will be reasonably quick, but visually effective, AND I have 2 weeks of holidays to work on them.

I also listed some tatted doilies, on their own. I would love some feedback on the price etc ( I am wearing big girl panties, I can take it).

Today was a bit of a special day for me. It was mine, and Jono's last day at Playcentre.  I have been At Weymouth Playcentre for 6.5 years. Jono started when he was 6 weeks old.
- to cut a long story short : early childhood education for 0-6 year olds, run by the parents on a voluntary basis. We receive government funding and have to train to a certain level  to run licensed sessions. I have really enjoyed Playcentre. It was  a lifesaver for me as a new mum, who didn't know anybody around where I lived. I got to interact with other parents. I got to do a 'job' which re-instilled that self esteem we women so often lose when we become "mother". I gained many skills - leadership, management, financial (when I say run by parents , we do it ALL), humility. I  have contributed not only to the management of my centre, but the overall management of all the centre's in our area. I got to work with a great group of mums, dads, nannas and poppas, and  I can leave knowing I touched the lives of many children, and hopefully sparked a lifelong interest in learning.

Having said all that though, I am SO HAPPY to be sending my Jono off to school. It has been a long, hard, sometimes very dark, road choosing to stay home and raise these kids for the last 9.5 years. I am looking forward to some time for me. My BFF is back in  Auckland so we are going to have a 'play' date once a week at least.
Of course I will still be involved with Playcentre (in a paid capacity), and I am still treasurer for my centre until the end of the financial year. I am looking forward to seeing what new things lie ahead.

Over and out ... and God (or anyone of a higher power , I am not fussy) give me strength to get thru the holidays!


Susan/CqLily said...

Headin' to you etsy shop but first wanted to comment on staying home with your kids! It is a hard thing to do. We sometimes do feel we lose our identity. But I can say without a doubt that my children (who are now in their 20's) are so thankful and realize what they had in their mom being able to be around. I know this isn't possible for all people especially in this economy, but if we can make some sacrifices and do it, it is well worth it. But yes, we are all ready when they do get in school too! :) Congratulations! And enjoy your BFF!

quiltlion said...

JO, I think that your prices on your items are more than reasonable! Just think of the time that you have put in them! Your work is beautiful. Just remember that your costumers are paying for the genius of your design! Don't give away your talent. The prices like I said are more than reasonable! Lyn G

TattingChic said...

Those are really pretty!

Anonymous said...

amen to surviving the school hols (stitching? whats that?) and amen for youngest child going off to school (after Christmas for me!). ive been out of the workforce now for ten years. gulp. and no-one wants me to work (even me), except matt thinks the extra cash would be nice!

Carlie said...

I really like your designs and the tatting doilies are lovely and very reasonably priced. I work full time now but I remember how great it was to be able to stay home and have time while the kids were at school. Enjoy it!

MichelleMermaid said...

The playcenter sounds like such a good idea. I hadn't a clue things like that existed, but it seems so smart.
Congrats on finally having some time for yourself!
Enjoy the holidays.
Cute stockings... :)