Keeping myself accountable!!

 I am posting pics of Kerry's RR block so that those who I promised I would get on with it, know I am getting on with it!!
Kerry wants a victorian feel to the block. So I have laid the base stitches for seam treatments. They are fairly basic at the mo, but I will add more as I go. I have tried to move the maroon around the block more, to give a darker, richer feel. I am going to pretty much stick with seam treatments adding beading etc. Not sure yet what I will do with the tatting. 
Here is a close up on the birdie area
I extended the branch out. I don't have any gold thread, otherwise I would add that to my extensions too. Added some greenery (supposed to be pine). Turned the birdie into a Robin ( i don't know if they are xmas birds in the US, but when I lived in the UK, I always associated them with xmas), and the circles you can see are going to be 'baubles' of some description. Probably beaded and sequined, but sparkly for sure.
I may stitch over the gold and try to make it look like snow on the branches, and the circles may be snowflakes. Will have to see where they mood takes me.
So this bit will be the main focus of the block, and the rest I intend to keep motif free.

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Susan/CqLily said...

Jo, I love the 'greenery' on the branches and all the ideas you have. It helps a new one like myself to 'see' the thought processes that go into making a block with patches a 'whole' you said, carrying colors and themes over into other parts of the block.