June Giveaway - just under the wire

Two postcards again this month. (I am predicting I will forget July as well!).
What I would like from you this month is to visit my ETSY shop and buy something...JUST KIDDING!!
Though really, I would like you to visit my ESTY shop, and tell me what you would chose, if the giveawy  prize was something from the shop.

Here are the postcards for the month. They are actually the last two I have made up. Please name your preference in your comment.




Ati. Norway. said...

Love the 'sea dreams' bag Jo and the postcards are beautiful with your stitching!

Karen South said...

I just love your stitches on your postcards. For some reason the link to your esty shop didn't work for me but I will check back later.

Ruby said...

I had to go to the sidebar to get to shop. It was certainly worth the visit! Lovely, Lovely work. How to choose one?? I was intrigued by the 'church doll'. Again all the work was gorgeous. I think I have visited before but today I found my way via Stitching Like Crazy.

TattingChic said...

I like the pink and blue one best, though they are both nice. :)

TattingChic said...

The bag that I like the best in your etsy shoop is entitled "Gloriously Green" although it looks blue and brown on my screen. :)

Susan/CqLily said...

Trying to look at it objectively, I think the red would be the most appealing for the average person...red & black seems to be a good combination for women and for 'fancy' times which I think these purses are quite dressy! In the most desireable way.
As far as your postcards (which could never be sent anywhere by me, because they are to way too beautiful to part with!), I love the pink, although pink and red are my two favorite colors...

Can you tell what the difference in the threads used on the red from the pink...


Susan/CqLily said...

Now I am leaving my plug for your purses!

They are roomy, beautiful, quite fashionable (everyone wants to know where they came from and how they can get one!), eye appealing and very elegant!
Even these talented ladies who read this need to buy these (so they can stitch on other things) for all those they love and buy gifts for!!!

Advertising in my name only, no affiliation! VBG


Rabid said...

Ooh emerald moon is beautiful! Of these two, I like the pink one best. I love seeing your post card ideas :D

Linda H said...

I so enjoy your Blog and seeing your beautiful work, I love your postcards- simple and elegant! I prefer the pink one, of these two, but they all are beautiful. Gorgeous things in your Etsy Shop - my fav is definitely the Church Doll. I too love vintage tatting, I have some done by my late Mother, I treasure it. See it on a stocking I have made on my Blog "Stitch Lines"

Anonymous said...

Jo, the postcards are gorgeous as usual. My favorite is the pink one..in your etsy, I love the little church doll..Debbie (Maine) USA

Anonymous said...

Hello Jo,

Well I have to say that if I won something from your site ANYTHING would be fantastic. But I will admit my favorite at this point, I would hope and pray to win your Gloriously Green Knot Bag. It is my favorite colors. And your bags are unique and gorgeous!!

If I win a postcard I would love to have the red threaded one:)

Thanks for the contest:)

Ann Flower

MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Jo,

Well, the June postcards are both lovely. I guess I'd have to pick the pink and blue one if you twisted my arm, just cuz it's so darn cute!

I was just here the other day and WOW! am surprised to see all you have accomplished in such a brief amount of time. As far as your Etsy store goes, well I would have to say my first pick would be one of those black and red bags...even though I know they are custom and probably not in your store, but they are just so awesome! Second pick would be that gorgeous little red stocking-ornament you just finished recently...and third? well, I really dig that pin cushion with the shell. And fourth...okay I need to shut up now! :) I'm going to save my pennies so I can treat myself to something special in your shop one of these days!

Instead of posting on every blog entry I'm just going to continue here...the bags you have made are so beautiful! Each time I see one completed I can picture it on the arm of some lovely lady as she heads out for a special evening or fun occasion like a wedding or afternoon tea! I think these bags would make a fantastic accessory for any woman.
I especially adore the leaf design on the right side of the blue bag, I love the graduation and the use of the leaves, so so stylish! And the scallop designs you do on the black bag are quite stunning, they really draw the eye in and are a real treat.

What I really wanted to say is many successful people talk about Mastery of a subject and when I see your work I immediately think of your amazing skill level. If you are not yet a master of your craft then you are certainly knocking on the door! Brava!



Raspberry said...

Definitely one of the bags - the tan/beige one given the choices, but I loved your black with purple one you made as a custom order.
I'd pick the pink postcard and I love that cute little flower on the left.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It would be extremely hard to pick a favourite thing in your shop, but I would have to say 'sea dreams'. Your postcards are always a treat to see and my vote would go to the red one!

Susan/CqLily said...

Couldn't have said it better, Dakotah! I am in total agreement!

AngelDoll said...

My most favorite item on your Etsy site is the Blue Christmas stocking, although I liked both bags IF colors were blue.
BOTH your postcards are beautiful, however I prefer the pink.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Jo! If I could chose one item it would have to be the Red Christmas Stocking - it is o die for!! And if I won one of your two postcards for June and had to pick one, it would be the pink one. Thanks for all the inspiration!

LindaH said...

If the giveaway prize was something from your Etsy Shop, I'd choose the ACEO - Fabric Postcard - Emerald Moon. For some unknown reason, the red postcard in the June Giveaway, speaks to me so that one is my favorite.

I love your blog and your article in Needle&Thread. Much success in your "retail" adventures!!


ellen said...

I'd pick the knot bag the glorious green one, although it doesn't have much green that I can see anyway. I'm also quite fond of the blue stocking and I just love your postcards. Ellen P

Lorenza said...

I'd pick the red Christmas stocking, the second choice the emerald moon postcard. Bye

Lorenza said...

sorry, about the june giveaway postcards, I prefer the red one

Anonymous said...

It would be very hard to pick one thing from your esty shop, but my eyes always go back to the bags and the little books. I am sure that anyone one of those bags would be wonderful to own. As for the two give away cards both of them are beautiful.
Joan from Beautiful Richmond B.C. Canada

talia said...

i always love all of your work. it is simply amazing! although it would be damn near impossible to choose just one thing, i am swayed to the blue christmas stocking. i don't like christmas at all but i am so in love with the stocking!

i am sorry if i missed this somewhere but do you do all of the tatting for your pieces of work? just curious because if you are i am so jealous of all you get done in your days (and even if you don't!) wow!
talia :)

Amy said...

I love the SeaScape pin cushion! And the pink postcard!

T J said...

Wow, I just love that plantation doll! The detail on it is amazing. But I don't have a place in my house to display her majesty, so I'll have to admire her via the screen. If I were to win the postcard, I'd pick the pink one.