Thanks Susan's husband!!

Blogger Susan/CqLily said...
Well, Jo, I found out who bought your purse...your beautiful purse! My dear sweet husband. I had seen it one your etsy site and told him I loved it and evidently he ordered it right away! It arrived today safely and was a wonderful surprise. If possible, I think it is more lovely in person than in the photo!
I am soooo excited! All of your work is gorgeous!

Thank you!
Don't we all wish we had a husband like this, and I sure am thankful for Susan's!
Susan, I hope you enjoy the bag, and I am pleased to hear that it got to you safely. Did he grab the mail before you, or were you wondering what the heck you had ordered (it was addressed to you).


Susan/CqLily said...

Jo, I had a sneaking suspicion since I 'had dropped the hint!' However, since I am prone to ordering supplies for stitching, I did have a moment of 'Now, what did I order?' :)
This is a wonderful bag...beautiful, useful, and the right really should sell a million of them. I would tell everyone to order one, and of course, every woman needs one in black!
Thanks again!

Francy said...

I received "Soar" post card. It is so beautiful! It is much more colorful in real life than the picture. Your stitching is so very pretty.

I am now looking for a way to display it in my studio for all to see.

Thank you so very much!