My attention has been diverted...

I have been neglectful. Sorry. I have been busy revamping my ETSY shops look. Did a new banner, which I think looks pretty good. I have listed all the pincushions, and photographed and rephotographed them to try a get a "cohesive " look to the shop, AND I have found the ETSY forums, and been posting there in an effort to promote my shop. It is all very addictive and time consuming...and not very fruitful to be honest.

There has not been many comments on the giveaway this month?? Do you not like?
I will give it another week  or so, so get commenting.

I have been stitching another seascape pincushion for my mum. She really liked the green one, so I am making one especially for her.

Happy Mothers Day to you all. Hope you have a lovely day


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Good morning Jo! I think your Etsy shop looks great - love the new banner!
No wonder your Mom loves the Seascape Pincushion - it is a very pretty one! I hzve been trying to figure out what the base is???
I left a comment on your giveaway but I can leave more if you like. Oops - guess that would be cheating, eh? lol

Linda H said...

I love the Seascape pincushion too! It's a beauty... Your new Etsy shop looks great. Happy Mother's Day from eastern Canada!

Lesley said...

Hi there. I could swear I've already left a comment, but I've a head like a sieve these days. I love your pincushions, and all your work. I really envy your energy.

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Jo, your new banner looks fine! the pincushions are lovely, it is only that people not know were to find them :)
I would like to write for the give away, but I already have a few of your super cards and my thought was, that all the others in blogland also deserve a change :)

Susan/CqLily said...

Hello Jo,
Already commented on your giveaway, and yes, I like it!
I hear you are our 'angel' for my first CQI RR! You may be in for a rude shock...lots of questions. In fact, I am not sure what an 'angel' for a RR does... :)
And yes I am sure your mom loves the Seascape pin cushion...another beautiful one!
I am heading over straight away to see your updated Etsy shop!
Nice to 'meet' you,