So i had this issue...

and now I am thinking I am just a huge bitch. However, it bothered me, so I addressed it.
I was on a social networking site, and got a friend request, which I accepted, only to find myself looking at a picture of my own work as this persons avatar.
Well, I was a bit freaked to say the least. A bit perplexed, and then a bit annoyed.
I understand that blogging makes my work "public" property, but surely there are some lines that you don't cross.

Just to be REALLY CLEAR, this person was not passing this work off as their own, but it was not credited, nor was permission asked. I have posted inspiration before, and not remembered where it came, and I always state that it is not mine, but I don't know where it came from. An although I don't think there was any malintent in this situation, if you post a pic as your avatar, is that not a way of identifying yourself, and therefore it would be identified as yours by default??

So the point of this post. Feel free to save pics of my work as inspiration. Download them, print them out. Feel free to post pics of my work on your blog or wherever, but please at least credit it as my work, or that it is NOT yours. Feel free to copy any thing you like, and if you have stitched it with your own hand, then it it yours and you may post it where you like, in any fashion you like. I blog to share my work, and to inspire, as well as be inspired by others. I do take it as a compliment to see people emulate my work, that makes me feel great. This made me feel uncomfortable, however. I think there are some unwritten rules with internet use, and I would say that using someone elses work as you avatar picture is one of them.

End of post...I have enabled comment moderation. I am happy to read your views, but this post was a vent, not a witch hunt, so I won't publish them. Thanks for understanding

edited to add: She changed the pic when I asked, no drama ,so all is well.