Lots to ponder....

..."but I would ask that you make it a bit different from all the others out there by including a good section on the creative process you go through BEFORE you begin to stitch...i.e. sketches, brainstorming sessions, doodles, color playing/selection process, etc. Shari"

This was Shari's comment. A while ago, when Lynn first asked me to write an article for CQMagOnline about my "style", I had to spend a LOT of time contemplating that. Shari's comment struck fear into me!! The truth is I don't plan. I don't sketch, doodle or brainstorm.... I have tried all of the above. It's not that I don't like doing it, I just don't think to.
I am not sure what my creative process is. I know I use a monotone palette. This eliviates the need to balance fabric colour in a block (and I prefer it). I make sure embellished colour is evenly spaced around a block, or at least offset by a similar value.I make sure that a block feels visually balanced, but that is something that I feel, rather than think. That all sounds a bit zen doesn't it? I like things to be balanced, and I seem to have a natural ability to be able to pull that off. Whether a crazy quilt block, or furniture in room.

Although I facilitate adult education programmes, I haven't had any formal teaching training. I know how to deliver content in any interesting way, and how to cater to different learning styles, but i am teaching something that someone else has written... I think if I had some kind of training in the arts, I might be able to answer this question a little better. I have never had to self review or analyse my creative process.

So, the point of this post...I will endeavor to conciously consider my thought process when working, and I will continue to try and explain my reasons for doing what I do to a block, and maybe , one day, I will feel like I have enough understanding myself, to tell you all about it!!

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