Stash Enablement Xperience (aka SEX!)

Do you like those threads I use? All the variegations and beautiful colours. I do, I love them (which is why I use them), and I am very excited to tell you about the launch of a new blog - Sassa Lynne . Myfanwy will be using this blog to showcase her hand dyed threads, and announce any specials etc coming up in her Etsy store.
While Sassa Lynne have an extensive range of 'permanent' colours available on request from Winifred cottage , most of the what I buy are what is called the "Serendipity" range...the result of a happy accident.
I have found these threads to be of a high quality (they cope with regular 'frogging' and still stitch up well). The colours are devine, and (before the world started tailspinning into a recession), they are great value. 120m or 240 m , depending on what weight you get. You may wonder what you would do with that much thread, but trust me, this stuff is so delicious you will find excuses to use it (it is also great for any thread swaps you may want to do- plenty for everyone). Myfanwy also puts together co-ordinated packs with less meterage of each.

So go and check out the blog, and the Etsy store, and you are sure to want to buy something. I am not getting anything out of this plug, except the pleasure of sharing a great Stash Enabler with you.

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MichelleMermaid said...

I read your post then ordered some thread.....sigh. :) I buy from someone in the States who buys from myfanwy and divides the thread into smaller skeins so the initial investment is not so great. I ordered a few more sassa lynne colors I didn't have. Doesn't take much to enable me!