Well, I survived the camping, and actually quite enjoyed it to. The weather was just perfect. Sun, Sun, and more Sun. Every afternoon, about 4 o'clock, clouds would roll in, it would drizzle for about 3 mins, then clear again. It was lovely. Kids played at the beach all day, or with new friends. The boys (menfolk) managed to make new friend with boats, so went fishing, and Belinda and I just chilled and read and caught up on the year.

an ariel shot of the campground . It was much busier when we arrived.

Here is us at the river (under the umbrellas). The beach could be a bit touch and go with the waves, but the river was so safe for the kids. This pic was taken at full tide. As tide went out, the river reduces to  a trickle, and the kids went from swimming to building dams etc. 
The beach was stony rather than sandy, but still nice. Reminded me of Cornwall beaches.
For any Kiwis out there reading, the campground was at Maraehako, on the East Cape, about 40 mins north of Opotiki.
After the East Cape, we trekked across country to the west Coast, to New Plymouth for a couple of days, then shot through Up North to Waiwera, which is where we still are, apart from having to drop Rob home for golf and work. The kids and I will have another week up at the bach, while the weather is good.
Answers to some comments on previous post:
Kathi said...
Those are gorgeous! I love the variegated thread in the flowers, and your stitches are so even. Were they free hand or done with waste canvas?
* I use templates Kathi, as well as freehand. I am blessed with a "good eye".
I hope you survive the camping trip.....only 1 bottle of wine? I would take two 8>) Molly Wilson
* Are you mad Molly!! LOL, there were SEVERAL bottles of wine!!
kiwicarole said...
Hi Jo, hope the camping has been a blast!! I was wondering what kind of cottons you use for these, it looks lovely. Carole * Carole, for this set of postcards I have been using the Sassa Lynne threads. Google Sassa Lynne and you will get the website, or do a search on Etsy.
MissSonnyaK said...
Wow! what beautiful work! I hope you had fun camping!... Was it cold..since it's winter? brrr\ * Not cold where I am ! Between 25 - 30 degrees C every day down there... ...SMOKIN' !
So thats me. I have been stitching away, so will have more to show when I get home for good. At last count I had 48 comments for the postcard giveaway. Seeing as it is the beginning of the year, I will give away TWO postcards this month, but only if I get over 50 comments (on that post). Feel free to comment again.... :)


Kathy said...

Sounds like to had a grand time. Everyone needs a break from the everyday stresses. Now I wish I could take one from the cold winter.

Paula Hewitt said...

looks like you had a wonderful time. the campground looks quite civilised - is that a shower/toilet block i spy?

black bear cabin said...

great pics...would love to see more! especially since it is snowing outside and 19 degrees out :) Looks like a fabulous place to hang with the family! cheers and a safe journey home!

Gerry said...

WOW, what a beautiful sight. Looks like the perfect place to go without the kids to relax. LOL.

Welcome home!

FredaB said...

Hi Jo

Welcome back - I missed your blog. The stitching on the postcards was really just perfect. You sure do have a good eye.

I do not need to be in the post for the cards as I am already the proud owner of two. Let someone else have the pleasure. Just wanted to say hi.



Candi said...

Wow, you guys must have had such a good time. Sounds like heaven to me.

MichelleMermaid said...

Good for you, surviving the camping and enjoying it to boot. Your camp site is lovely.
Wanted to say how gorgeous your latest pcs are esp the one with bullion flowers. What awesome work. It is so fascinating to watch your pcs evolve.
I thought of you today while at a quilt shop. I bought some thick backing for postcards. The lady's eyes lit up when I told her I was making fabric pcs. She said quilters use this backing for pcs and actually stitch thru it. I just wanted it for a strengthener and wondered what you would think of it. It's called fast2fuse and cost over 12 bucks a yard! Anyway I'm gonna give it a go.
See ya!