Sunday... seam #6

Here are the stockings, finished as promised. You have approx 8 hours to get into the draw. Please leave your comment on the December Giveaway post (NOT this one).
And here is seam #6 completed.


Mary Corbet said...

Gosh. I love the white on the blue.

Cute finish on the stockings. I finished a swap ornament this weekend. It took me ten forevers (or at least 6 hours straight on Saturday).... I just am not a great lover of doing finish work.

Anyway, I love the white seam on the blue, Jo, and I'm having fun watching this project develop!

By the way, I'm actually going to launch into a CQ adventure myself. It's up next on my project list! Tomorrow, I'll sew up the foundation. Actually, I'm going to sew up three or four or so foundation blocks, just in case I screw up. Then I don't have to sew up another one. Unless I screw up on all three or four - which is always, I suppose, a possibility! :-)

Melusine said...

Oh, I do like seam #6.