postcard exhibition

Mum (and a friend of hers) and I went to the postcard exhibition yesterday. Remember I submitted this one...

Here it is 'in situ'. The 8th one in the top row. The one underneath mine was heavily embellished also, but I couldn't get a good pic of it. It also had a price tag of $850!! So, needless to say my $225 looked like a pittance. It is a shame it is in the top row, but you could still see it quite well. As yet it has not sold (neither has the one below!!. lol)

Below are the other two I sent in. They are just the regular ones I send out in giveaways etc. They are the second column in, 3 and 4 down.
This is the book with the 'artist statements'. It was quite well set out, however I think I would of perffered to see the at least the artists name next to their work. You had to look at these obscure little boards, they trawl thru the price list to see who made it. Having never actually been to a REAL LIFE art gallery before, I guess that is they way it is done.
Now some eyecandy. There were some stunning pieces, as well as so absolute crap. I particularly liked the bottom one in this pic (sorry it is a bad pic). Very innovative use of bits and piece, of what I am not sure.
This next one was titled "notes from neptune". Can you not see this as a mermaids tail?
Gorgeous use of hand painted and dyed fabric and lace here below.
And this last one is my absolute favourite. It is so 'kiwi'. The bush clad hills (with perfect shading), the golden beach, the flax. I just love it. From what I could tell the fabric is hand painted , then embellished. I forgot to see if this was for sale. I would be sorely tempted if it was.

So, that is just a small peek at what was on show. It was interesting to see how the theme was interpreted, and I felt that mine held its own quite nicely with some of the other work on show. As I was waiting to purchase a - gosh what do you call it, the equivilant of a programme - some ladies complimented my green bag, and said "oh you should be in the exhibition", to which I replied "oh, well actually I am" (in my best posh voice, because this is in a very posh suburb). LOL
So, if you happen to be enjoying a latte and sticky bun in Titirangi (don't be disappointed, but I don't actually think you can get a sticky bun in Titirangi, far too common) do swing by Lopdell House and have a look. Free entry.

For the rest of you, do go and check out Paula's blog and her story of the Christmas Pig.


Rose Anne B said...

Oh JO thank you for the walk through some of your favourites in this postcard show. It's too bad you didn't get a picture of that $850 one to see it close up!!! I sure hope you have a bite or two and yes I LOVE that landscape and the Mermaid's Tail also!!!

TattingChic said...

Oh, WOW! That is a beautiful postcard. I even see a bit of pale peachy-pink tatting on the right there! Fabulous, I LOVE it! :)

Ati. Norway. said...

Thanks for the little peek Jo. It is nice to see one of you cards on "print". :)

needlewings said...

Oh my what wonderful pieces! I would loved to have been there to see it all. You do beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

wonderful. i like the last postcard almost as much as the first - maybe you could do a swap?? thanks for the link too.

MichelleMermaid said...

Well, I've never heard of a postcard show. And never would have guessed they even exist. But what a fun...and, er, expensive...idea! An $850 postcard??? Wow!
Thank you for sharing your visit. I really enjoyed it. Let us know how yours does and good luck!

MichelleMermaid said...

Hi Jo,
I know I've already posted here, but I just read all your blogs about postcards. I had no idea you gave so many away. That's very impressive. I enjoyed viewing the stitch work on them and admire your techniques. Your work makes me want to try some more postcards...well, I've only made one!
A few questions: Do you find postcards are good ways to try new stitches or other techniques because you are working on such a small canvas? What do you find particularly attractive about making postcards? Do you have plans to continue the postcard giveaway in 2009?
Just curious :)

Jo in NZ said...

Hey Dakotah. Yes I intend to continue the giveaways next year, I just stitched up a whole lot of cards to work on over my summer holiday. I find them very useful for working stitch combinations and trying new things. They are small, and I don't have to invest too much time and effort in them. Because these go thru the post, they only have stitching on them, so nice and simple and easy to take with me anywhere, that is the attraction for me.

'fancypicnic' said...

Eye candy indeed! Thanks for the visuals - love your work, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. There were some gorgeous ones. Yes, Mermaid's tail!

violette georges said...

vos broderies sont superbes compliments et amitiƩs violette