New quilt design- ADVICE please for the "Blue CQ"

So here is what I have come up with for my next quilt. I have never really "planned" a project before, and I already worry that I am over thinking it!! It will be pieced in blocks, but then assembled and embellished as a whole cloth. The blocks will be approx 15", so you can see that the pieces will be BIG, but I want lots of scope for multi layered seam treatments. I will add beads etc this time, not many, but any self respecting CQ needs a bit of sparkle, don't you think.

So the over thinking part.
I want to piece tatting in here some how. Where??
It will be a monotone palette again (denim look - chambray and handdyed blues). Should I piece anywhere, anyhow, randomly, and rely on the seam treatments to maintain the integrity of the design, or should I try and use the shades of the fabric to help with that. I am thinking of those 4 main "voids" in the "+" shape. So for example I would use one fabric for each of the corners from the 4 blocks that make up those "voids" (ha-did that make any sense?)
Because I peice onto fusible interfacing, I can't add tatting later...maybe this isn't the right piece for adding tatting.
I really like the design. If I piece randomly I am pretty sure that the seams will hold it all together.

Please, I want to hear all your comments and ideas!

5 comments: said...

Jo, I can't wait to see it - with your stitching and ideas, it is bound to be mag. Now, from someone who had FINALLY finished ONE CQ, have you thought about using one or two varigated/space dyed threads and then picking threads that compliment from the colors (this would limit your color and tie all blocks together.) Also, as for the tatting, what about using it in the borders, perhaps in each corner and center side and top. Now, stop thinking and get buse stitching. Zandra

Ati. Norway. said...

I love your design Jo and I am sure you will find all the answers by yourself :))

Paula Hewitt said...

well I cant give advice about cq, or if i did you should ignore it. Im not sure what the answers are re the tatting, except i think the tatting would look nice on a demin-look quilt . are you going to use any actual denim, or is it too heavy? - i see so many embrodiered and beaded demin jeans for little girls - which would make great patches.
One thing i noticed - my eye was drawn to the middle of the quilt just off the the right - where a lot of the lines converge. Im not sure if this is what you wanted (or even if it matters) but i thought Id mention it. im looking forward to following along with this.

Allison Ann Aller said...

I really like the design too.
So is each 15" block going to have three fabric pieces, or is each shape going to be made up of randomly pieced small pieces to make up the large shapes?
(Does that make sense?)
The curved lines you've that where the tatting would go?

How about a colored drawing in various shades of blue to help visualize?...

Marie Alton said...

Hi Jo

Blue...great choice and love your concept photo. Don't worry about over-thinking it. If you're not sure where to go with it...leave it alone for a while...and let your creativity work on'll come into focus when your mind has had a chance to see it. Trust that & know it'll happen.