Done and dusted

I got the postcard backed and off in the courier today. $225 I put on it. Would you pay that?? I certainly wouldn't, but someone might love it enough (for my international visitors, that's about $5000 of your $$...LOL)
I sent a couple of my other postcards along too, you know, the ones that actually go in the mail.

I am feeling stressed out at the moment. It is only the first week of term. I just checked my diary and realised I missed a workshop on Monday, a meeting on Tuedsay, had AGM last night (nice dinner, moroccan BBQ), workshop tonight, 7.30am pick up for the Exec meeting tomorrow morning (whole weekend), then a workshop on Monday!! I think I have Tuesday free before another meeting, then the second night of this workshop next thursday. I am hoping that it will all settle down after that. I guess the wallet will thank me, but I feel my SAHM, unemployed status slipping away...
Have a good one. Although I am away for the weekend, it is no cooking, no cleaning, no kids. Bliss.


Anonymous said...

Wow, no wonder you are stressed! No time, no time! Take a deep breath and try to go with the flow until this bit is over. Hopefully, there will be more slack in the following week.

One of your postcards is easily worth insuring for $5000 - it's a work of art, after all!

Elisabeth Braun said...

NZ$225 is US$5000??? makes it US$138 and just under £80 (UK), which I think is a reasonable amount to insure all that work for.